The purpose of the Macau Ricci Institute consists in three interrelated concerns: first, to support a comparative appreciation of spiritualities, which traces the ongoing dialogue of the Christian faith with other wisdom traditions of China such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism and Islam; second, to promote social innovation, inspired by the early Jesuit missionaries who shared with their hosts insights from sciences such as mathematics, geometry, geography, cartography, and engineering; and finally, to cultivate moral leadership, intent on developing pragmatic responses to the challenges of a world still suffering from disharmony, violence and human abuse. The Institute joyfully embraces the “Spirit of Macau,” as Umberto Eco memorably identified it, welcoming people from different civilizations over the centuries in a generous spirit of tolerance, openness and mutual recognition. Our purpose is to remain faithful to the life and work of our ancestor, Fr. Matteo Ricci S.J. (1552-1610), whose example of friendship in and for China remains a guiding light for us, as we seek to facilitate cultural exchange and thereby strengthen common values.